Paul (af_punk86) wrote in brownbagescape,

OCSC Lives On!

Hahaha man it's been forever since anyones written in this community. I guess considering that the band broke up. I don't even know if there are still any members but whatever.

Anyways, on with the Temporaries buisiness...

I made my friend Kelsea a CD which included the FHS-famous ska/punk hit "Who I Am" by The Temporaries and she wrote about it in her journal along with the track list. Then some random person commented and said that she was familiar with the Temporaries and that they were a local band where she was in Florida.

I think that is SOOOOOOO fucking cool. That some random person who I am clueless of their identity knows who we were off the top of her head when she hears the name of the band. It's just a nice reminder that Orange County Ska Core will never die. I miss being in the Temporaries/BBE. Those were the days.

So heres the entry. Check it out:
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