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Anarchy in Haiti

Alright so time for bradley to update for once.

The Brown Bag Escape will be playing a farewell show and recording a cd very soon. The cd will debut our newest addition to the band: Courtney. Her info is on the community info page.

Fortunately, we've all decided although Paul and Sean are soon moving and will be missed we're going to revive the BBE and find new members and write new material.

We're looking for vocalists, guitarists, and bassists so contact someone in the band about info for auditions.

We're also expanding the horn section and my goal before a post-carney show is to actually be good at trombone. thats my pledge to the BBE fans.

Thats all the news i have to report for now.
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wo0t wo0t. bbe rocks my face off. wo0t wo0t