Paul (af_punk86) wrote in brownbagescape,

We're in the sticker business!

The first piece of BBE merch is finally avalable! We've got some stickers floating around and there are a few up for sale right now! They're not exactly in mass-production but a decent amount can and will be made. They'll be going for somewhere around 50 to 75 cents. Anyone who wants one just request it on here or contact one of us and we'll hook ya up. The sticker displays our fancy "Exploding Bag" logo as can be seen on our website and the backround of this community.

Speaking of the web site...
Due to the MAJOR suckyness of the website that I made Alan (mesa812) from Forever In A Day (foreverinaday_) will be taking over our web page design. You can still get all the latest news and info at the site that's currently up. I'll continue to update it until the new one is finished. Among the many improvements, we'll be shedding the URL of the "cjb" bullshit and re-directing it to Good stuff.

In random band news...
We'll be getting to work on our demo CD shortly after christmas. Alan and Andrew will be giving us a hand with that as well. Good guys. As of now the CD will be featuring the songs "Go To The Front Door", "Double Fuck You", "I'm Punk And You're Not", and a current work-in-progress song which is probably going to be called "I Like Ska". This is definately subject to change so we'll just have to see how that goes. If it's finished before the Punk and Ska Awards (which I think is on January 4th) we will be passing it out for free there. After that we'll be charging 3 to 5 bucks depending on how good it comes out.

Practices have kinda been a stand-still lately with all the shit like me breaking my hand and the holiday season and exam preperation at school and stuff. And the icing on the cake is that Sean is about to go up to Rhode Island for a few days which will postpone practice a little longer. It sucks but shit happens. Thing should fit back into their usual schedule come January.

We're looking to book some more shows seeing that the set is pretty decently long and we wanna spread the word of BBE. We're looking at places like the Lake Mary Pub, Tanks Bar & Grill, the Backbooth, and the All About Sports Bar & Grill. We're also keeping our eyes open to see if any other bands need openers for their shows. There should be more on that in the comming month or so.

Also, we're still looking for additions to the horn section. The trumpeteer that was going to audition fell through which sucks so we really wanna find some more people. I'm thinking a trumpet, a sax, and maybe another trombone. Anyone know anyone? Lemme know.

So tomorrow is the last practice before Sean leaves. I'm looking foward to it 'cause we haven't practiced in a while and I miss playing "I'm Punk And You're Not" 'cause that song is amazing. I have a new finished song too. The "I Like Ska" one I mentioned in the paragraph about the CD. If we can completely finish that tomorrow I will be a happy camper.

Sorry this entry was so long. I just haven't posted in a long time. I'll try not to neglect it in the future. I'm gunna go do other stuff now.
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